In this one blogs post called “FFA is Lame AF” all they see are the bad people in FFA. It’s like if you have one nut head in your town that doesn’t mean that your whole town is full of nut heads. So the FFA is not completely full of those people who aren’t doing the right thing to the animals.

                      In FFA there is right way to do things and there are wrong ways and people have gone to jail from mistreated there animals. Mistreating animals is doing what most people think that all FFA members do to their animals but for the most part of FFA people don’t mistreat their animals. FFA people do take good care of their animals. They make sure their animals are: in good health, feed, exercised regularly.

                      Most people think that FFA are the kind of people that do not care about what they do to the animals. I’m here to say that FFA members do care what happens to their  animals. If one is sick animal is sick they separate it from the others and get it better so it can join the others. Once the animal is well it is sold to buyers or kept so it can grow bigger for more money.

                       People think that FFA people are all about raising animals just so they can get money. FFA are the people who supplies your stores with all the fruits, vegetables, and meat. So if you think that FFA members are only about getting money, think again because if you eat anything from the store or even already made, all the ingredients and all the store food are made from the hands of FFA people.


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Genius Hour#2

Today my mom and I went to a local baby store in town. We found several outfits that looked similar to our homemade outfit. We were able to compare quality, colors  and prices. My mom and I were able to discuss the pros and cons of name brand clothes to homemade clothes. We found that most of the name brand clothes only came in one or few colors and not all sizes were true to fit. The name brand quality seemed to be good but cost a lot. My mom and I also discussed that homemade clothes can be the color or design that you want, not limited to one or two colors like the name brand. You can also alter patterns  to fit any size infant or a baby. Some fabric can be pricey but even so, with thread, buttons and patterns is much cheaper than a name brand outfits.IMG_1994


Genius Hour#1

Last week we got this project from our E.L.A teacher Mrs.Iske. We started with a proposal where we had to choose a topic which my topic is Name Brand vs Homemade. I chose this topic because I have a niece on the way so I wanted to either buy or make her clothes and I didn’t know which would be better.As soon as I heard we were starting this genius hour project I thought about Aizly my new coming niece. What I am doing for Aizly is making her a dress and seeing if the one I made her or the one my mom bought for her is made better.What I have done so far is that I got my mom to help me pick out the : pattern, fabric, thread. We had already had a sewing machine because my mom can sew clothes and bows. My mom can even monogram clothes, burp cloths, or towels.WIN_20151024_150750 (2)